Fifth and final preview build for Nexus devices comes with ‘near final’ system images.

Right on schedule, Google has released the fifth and final Developer Preview of Android 7.0 Nougat. Per the Nougat preview roadmap, these builds include “near final” system images for late testing before the final, stable release of Android 7.0 later this summer. As for build numbers, we’re looking at build NPD90G

According to Google, the new preview images include:

The final N APIs (API level 24) and latest system behaviors and UI

The latest bug fixes and optimizations across the system and in preinstalled apps

As such, we should expect this build to be a reasonable approximation of what Nougat in its finished form will look and act like. We’ll have more on any significant changes once we’ve gotten a good look at the new preview.

System images for the new preview are live now on Google’s developer site, and over-the-air updates should be rolling out for those enrolled in the Android Beta Program starting today.

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