Both LG and Canada’s Telus suggest same date for final Nougat code drop.

Nexus owners: Get ready for some Nougat. It’s looking highly likely that the next version of Android will go official next Monday, August 22. That’s the date given for the Android 7.0 update on Nexus 5X and 6P by Canadian operator Telus in its latest software update schedule.
Telus was accurate with its launch date for last year’s Marshmallow update on Nexus devices.

Adding further fuel to that particular fire is LG’s limited preview program for Korean G5s, which just happens to start on the same day — August 22. Like all major phone makers, LG gets the final code in advance from Google, but the firm wouldn’t be allowed start its preview ahead of the official Nougat launch day.

If everything goes as expected, we should see an announcement from Google, followed by system images next Monday morning (Pacific time), followed by the usual over-the-air push. (It’s possible, but not guaranteed, that Android Wear 2.0 will also land around the same time.)

As for new Nexus devices, we’re not expecting them until sometime after the arrival of the LG V20, which will be the first phone shipping with Nougat.

Source : AndroidCentral

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