Pixel XL is listed with a 5.5-inch 2560×1440 AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 4, and a 3450 mAh battery.

The standard Google Pixel lines up with a 5-inch 1920×1080 AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 4 as well, and a 2770 mAh battery. The common points between the two are a 12MP rear camera with 1.55-micron pixels and an f/2.0 aperture, an 8MP front-facing camera, one-touch fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and a choice of 32 or 128GB of storage.

 Google Assistant is also highlighted as a main feature of the phones.

Going beyond the specs, CPW also includes various product shots of the phones, giving us better looks at them than we’ve seen in previous leaked blurrycam shots and renders.

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