Pokémon Go has landed on Windows 10 Mobile in the form of an open-source beta client called PoGo-UWP.

ST-Apps and other developers are contributing to the project on Github, albeit without the blessing of the game’s developer, Niantic Labs. While we wait to find out if Niantic and Nintendo will give us an official client, PoGo-UWP might be the best hope we have for playing Pokémon Go on Windows 10 Mobile.

PoGo-UWP might be missing some major features, but it still functions fairly well for such an early version. The app isn’t currently available on the Windows 10 Store, but you can download and install the necessary files for free.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide complete with a detailed video on how to PoGo-UWP for Pokemon Go running on your Windows 10 Mobile phone.

Set-up PoGo-UWP, step by step

Create a Pokémon Trainer Club account. Do that right over here on the official website. You might want to use a spare email account just in case Niantic Labs decides to block accounts for using the app.

Log in via the official Android or iOS client. You can do this on a second phone, or you can use
Bluestacks, an Android emulator for Windows. For more information on how Bluestacks works, consult the video above.

Once you’ve got the app running, log in and select a starting Pokémon. You have to do this on the official client, as it’s not possible on PoGo-UWP at the moment.

Log out from the official app by tapping on the Pokeball icon and going to settings
Download these Github files to a PC connected to the same WiFi network as your Windows 10 Mobile, or directly onto your phone: #1 #2#3. Place them in the same folder.

Enable Device Portal on your Windows 10 Mobile. Go to Settings and search “For developers“. Enable Developer mode, Device discovery, and Device Portal. If you’re planning to deploy via your PC, make sure it’s connected to the same WiFi network as your phone.
Note: You can also juse use a USB cable to your PC and pair that way instead of using WiFi.

To deploy from your PC: at the bottom of the Device Portal settings on your phone, you will see an IP address. Navigate to this IP address via a web browser on the PC containing the Github files. See the video above for an example of this in action.

Note: To deploy the files straight from your phone without a PC, download them to your handset and navigate to on Microsoft Edge, then continue following the steps below.

You’ll also have to pair your phone to the web browser session. Select “Pair” on your phone to receive a code to input into your browser.

Click on the Apps section on the Device Portal in your PC’s web browser.

Add the file “PokemonGo-UWP_1.0.3.0_ARM_Debug.appx” under Install App, then Add package.

Add the two other files as dependencies.

Click on Go beneath Deploy. Wait until the app is installed on your phone.

Launch PoGo-UWP on your phone, log in with the account you set up earlier, and enjoy!

Source : WindowsCentral

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