Here is a quick guide that will tell you how to easily join the Windows 10 Insider Program for PC or Mobile!

The Windows Insider Program is designed for users who want to live on the edge a little. Sure, you can just use the Production release of Windows 10 for PC and Mobile and pick up those cumulative monthly updates, but there are three other levels you may want to consider. You can read my article on the differences between Release Preview, Slow, and Fast Insider Rings to get an idea of the pros and cons of each to get started.

Let’s say you have decided to get the latest and greatest releases of Windows 10 – how do you do it? In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps!

Joining the Windows Insider Program for PC

To enroll in the Windows Insider Program for PC is very easy to do and it only requires a quick reboot of your computer. Starting with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2 the management of your Insider settings changes, but for now, we’ll assume you are on Windows 10 build 10586.

1. Go to All Settings

2. Update & Security

3. Windows Update and choose Advanced Options

4. Under Get Insider Preview builds click Get started

5. Hit Next on the information screen

6. Hit Confirm on the warning

7. Select Restart now (don’t worry, your PC won’t install the update yet)

8. After the PC reboots, repeat the above steps to get back to the Get Insider Preview builds area. Now you can select which Insider Ring you want to join by using the slider: Release preview, Slow, or Fast

After your PC reboots you could check for an OS update now (Settings > Update & security > Check for updates) but it can take upwards of 24-hours before that particular PC is enrolled in the Insider program. The updates will download automatically when the PC does its regular once-a-day check.

Enrolling your PC will not affect other computers you have associated with your Microsoft Account. If you would like to add more computers to the Insider Program, you will have to repeat the above for each one and they can be on different Insider Rings.

Need to check what version of Windows 10 you are on? Go to the Search box (or Cortana) and type in Winver and hit enter. You will see a pop-up like the one above and there you can see the build number.

Joining the Windows Insider Program for Mobile

1. Get the app

First, you need to download the Windows Insider app. You can use this link to get it from the Store or just scan the QR code below. Once installed, you will want to open it.

2. log in
Once inside the app, click Get preview builds. If you’re prompted, signed in with your Microsoft Account. If you have previously used the Windows Insider Program, you probably won’t be asked to sign-in again.
3. Select Release Preview, Slow, or Fast Ring. 
4. Confirm
Confirm the risks of installing a pre-release version of Windows by clicking the accept button.

Finally, your phone will reboot to complete applying the new settings and then you will be enrolled in the Windows Insider program for phones.

After your Windows phone reboots go to Settings, navigate to Update & security, and then Phone update to check for new builds. Unlike PC, enrolling in the Windows Insider Program for Mobile is instant, and you should see a new build for Slow or Fast Ring if available.

Similar to the PC process you should check the Windows Store for app updates as there should be newer core apps for that build available, including often a new release of the Store itself.

You can check your build by going to Settings > System > About, and look at the “Device information” section. You will be able to find information, such as version, build number, and other phone specific details.

That’s it! Hopefully, this guide helped you and please remember to share it with others. 

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