Easily control your Windows 10 devices with just your Android smartphone.

Ever wish you could control your PC from your Android device without having to finagle some third-party app you found in the Play Store? Microsoft’s Project Rome SDK aims to help with the multi-device life that many of us live on the daily.

Project Rome for Android is now available to let you connect to your Android devices. It’s limited at the moment, so you can only control Android and not the other way around. But it doesn’t enable you do things like control a media player on Windows 10 with the Android device you already have in your hand.

Project Rome was initially announced late last year to help take advantage of experiences beyond the device it’s happening on. For instance, if you’re listening to music on one device, you should be able to easily “toss it over” to another device without having to interupt the moment.

Curious to try it out for yourself? Read up about it on the official Windows blog.

Source : androidcentral

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