Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced the rollout of OxygenOS Open Beta 2 update for the OnePlus 5T users. The latest update comes in at 435MB and offers a whole lot of new features and improvements such as a new launcher, several preloaded apps, system optimizations and some bug fixes. This new update brings several features such as new launcher, OnePlus Switch application, and also includes several power management optimisations.

First and foremost, the new OxygenOS Open Beta version for the OnePlus 5T comes with OnePlus Launcher version 2.3. The updated Launcher has new app drawer categories which you can see when the search icon is tapped. The OnePlus 5T launcher will now have the ability to auto-name folders, notification dot optimizations, and improved launcher usage tips.

In addition, there a dynamic icon feature available for the desktop Clock app. The clock app now changes the hour, minute and second hands in a real-time, similar to what is available on Apple iOS and Xiaomi MIUI.

Besides, the open beta update also brings new preloaded apps, including OnePlus Switch, File Manager, and Dialer. The update adds a new OnePlus Switch app to the 5T. The OnePlus Switch app is designed for backup and restore purposes and aims to help users move their information to a new OnePlus device easily.

Here’s the official changelog for the OxygenOS Open Beta 2 Update:


Launcher Updated to v2.3
Drawer categories
You can see new categories when using the search icon in the drawer
Auto folder tagging
When you add applications that are similar, our system will help you automatically name the new folder you created
Dynamic Icon for Clock
The Clock icon is now dynamic
Notification dot optimization
The Blue notification dots present to notify you of a newly installed app will now be removed automatically after 15 days
Launcher usage tips improved
We’ve added some new helpful tips for first use of the launcher


Optimizations for logic managing high power consumption applications
Added a more intelligent background application management solution
Improved power consumption measurements
Various bug fixes and optimizations


Added OnePlus Switch application for backup & restore
We’ve added the new OnePlus switch app so moving your information to a new OnePlus device will be easier than ever


Added a new clipboard feature activated when copying information. You can edit the text copied and then choose to “Search, Translate, or Share”

File manager

Improved experience when deleting files
Added large file management function

More caller information now given to you during incoming call notification

Known issues:

Some third party camera applications may not fully work with this update
Furthermore, OnePlus brings added some new functions to the Clipboard like Search, Translate and Share. There’s also an updated File Manager function to delete files and help with large file management. The Dialer too comes with improvements to give you more information during incoming call notification.

As for overall improvements, the OxygenOS Open Beta 2 offers better battery consumption measurements, optimizations for managing high-power consumption apps and as well as adds a more intelligent background application management.

As always, if you own a OnePlus 5T and are on the Open Beta branch, you’ll receive an over-the-air update for it when it becomes available. OnePlus warns that the Open Beta versions are meant for testing purposes and as such are prone to various hidden bugs. As per OnePlus records, the newest Open Beta build is known to have an issue with third-party camera apps.


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