OnePlus Nord pre-order arriving in India on July 21 began. Those who wish to purchase an INR499 on may make a payment before booking.

OnePlus says that Nord will have small inventories for pre-ordering and that customers will keep gifts up to the value of INR5,000 as part of the pre-order process. In addition, the OnePlus Nord pre-booking allows you to select two gift cases – one with OnePlus merchandise in a limited edition and another with accessories and “special gifts.”

After you have paid INR 499 for the pre-order, the first gift box is delivered to your company; the second will be delivered if you finish purchasing Nord by 31 August 2020.

OnePlus Nord is the Snapdragon 765 G soC for medium-range smartphones. The company reported the existence of 6 cameras, a sport of AMOLED screen and a battery of 4,115 mAh.

OnePlus has not yet shown the full Nord specification sheet, but a leaked screenshot of last week’s Nord presentation left little to imagination. It is the way you can search the full info.

In a recent interview with famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee, Co-Founder Carl Pei also revealed the design and color of the OnePlus Nord. The picture of the smartphone below is visible.

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