OnePlus has started pushing out OxygenOS 3.2.2 for the OnePlus 3. The update brings a number of fixes to the phone, including improvements for Doze, updated security patches and other optimizations. There has been some controversy surrounding how the OnePlus 3 was working with Doze, and hopefully this update will address those concerns and more.

OnePlus details the update, noting the following changes:

Improved notification management in doze.

Addressed alert slider/silent mode issue.

Disabled fingerprint sensor while in pocket.

Added NFC toggle in quick settings.

Improved noise cancellation in video recording.

Updated 4K video recording codec.

Added latest security patches and various optimizations.

As with most OxygenOS updates, OnePlus will push this out incrementally over the next few days.
When you receive the update, be sure to let us know if it has fixed your issues. Don’t already have a OnePlus 3? Hit the link below to grab one for yourself.

Source : AndroidCentral

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