The third-party Pokémon Go app PoGo-UWP for Windows 10 Mobile has released a major new update. It brings the app up to version 1.0.29 with a number of new features, such as the addition of the Pokedex and item inventory.

Here’s what’s new and improved with the latest PoGo-UWP version:

Added item inventory

Added Pokedex

Added battery saver mode

Added level up notification

Added hatching notification

Added new translations

Improved update system, now we can remotely disable the app if some game-breaking change happens

Improved network Handling

Improved UI

Improved app messages to make them more useful

Fixed catching bugs

Fixed bug in proto files that caused wrong values to be sent to server

Fixed resume to map page after suspension

Fixed a lot of other minor things

Finally, another big change is users can now just copy the Appx files to their phone and direct install through File Explorer. No need to use developer portal and secondary files! This improvement should make it a lot easier for regular users to use and enjoy.

Keep in mind that this app is not approved by Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs. Using PoGo-UWP could result in having your Pokémon Go account being banned permanently.

How to install PoGo-UWP

Source : WindowsCentral

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